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About us

Jiangsu Longsheng Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of research, development, manufacture and sales of Bending Machine, specializing in the production of "Longsheng" brand series of three-roll symmetrical Bending Machine, three-roll non-symmetrical Bending Machine , On the roll universal coiling machine, four-roll Bending Machine, marine Bending Machine and a variety of special non-standard Bending Machine, hydraulic gate shears, hydraulic tilting shears, hydraulic bending machines, all kinds Model hydraulic presses and hydraulic presses and curved bending machines.

At the beginning of the formation of the company is committed to the development of coiling machinery, in the full absorption of foreign advanced manufacturing technology at the same time, devote themselves to the development, development and industry wide range of applications, market prospects for the development of products. Production of new product structure, unique technology, advanced manufacturing technology. The company's strict management, production equipment, advanced manufacturing technology, product quality and after-sales service and thoughtful. And passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, the products are exported to Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the company wholeheartedly welcome Chinese and foreign investors visit the guide.

     The company has 187 people: engineering and management staff of 39 people, 148 production workers, Longsheng people always think that the quality and service is the integrity of the customer; win-win concept is the integrity of the partners; good working atmosphere and Reasonable incentive system is the integrity of the staff; law-abiding business is to provide employment opportunities for the community, but also on the social returns and integrity.

Companies in the keen on innovation, pragmatic, pragmatic and honest spirit of the public service, has been the user's trust and praise, for many years been rated as "civilized units." The company's products Three Guarantees, complete specifications, but also custom processing special specifications models of products, prompt delivery, fair prices. Warmly welcome new and old customers visit the guide!

I have companies in the country have major cities and municipalities have after-sales service department, after-sales service to answer the phone within 1 hour to give a clear answer, professional maintenance personnel rushed to the scene to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

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