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Jiangsu Longsheng Machine Manufacturer CO.,LTD

Jiangsu Longsheng Machine Manufacturer CO.,LTD

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Jiangsu Longsheng Machine Manufacturer CO.,LTD
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Longsheng Machine

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big agent in Indonesia


We are big agent in Indonesia, we sell the plate rolling machine, shearing machine and press brake in the market about 20 years, but since 2010, we purchase these machines from Longsheng Machine. The first cooperation let us feel impressed deeply because of Longsheng’s high quality and appearance of the machine, we feel very satisfied. Longsheng sales team and after sales service can meet our all demands, as long team cooperation, we think Longsheng is the best choice. And now, we are very good friend indeed.

We will help Longsheng be the most trusted and best selling brand of metal sheet working machine in Indonesia market.

Nice long and future cooperation between us!

Thanks for Longsheng company!