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CNC bending machine maintenance knowledge

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CNC bending machine maintenance is divided into several parts: external maintenance, electrical control, lubrication devices, peripheral equipment and tools.
1 external maintenance
(1) wipe the exterior of the machine and the protective cover to ensure the cleanliness of the inside and outside.
(2) wipe the accessories clean and clean the surrounding environment.
(3) surface and corner parts of machine tool paint should be visible and smooth.
2 electrical control
(1) check whether the electrical box is intact or not.
(2) whether the electrical components are damaged, need to be repaired or replaced, the wiring between components is good.
(3) the operation of the main motor is normal, safe and reliable, with or without abnormal heat or noise.
(4) whether the operation of CNC system is accurate, whether to meet the accuracy requirements; whether the numerical control device can accurately input.
3 lubrication device
(1) a lubricating lubricating parts is good enough, the oil and oil amount of oil is sufficient.
(2) whether the valve body is flexible or not.
(3) the filter is clean, if there is a blockage, should be cleaned in time.
4 peripheral equipment
(1) the location of the rough parts and various materials is reasonable and safe.
(2) whether or not the protective cover of foot switch is installed and used reasonably.
5 tool
(1) whether the movement of the upper and lower cutting tools is normal, whether there is deviation, and whether the action is flexible and reliable.
(2) whether the parallel degree of the upper slide and the worktable is good, the position of the direct control balance valve is accurate.
The above is the maintenance of CNC bending machine, I hope to provide some professional guidance for reference purposes only

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